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[BUY] Antilaser G9 RX laserjammer for sale €149!

We are selling our Antilaser G9 RX laserjammer with 1 head. It’s a used unit, but as you can see on the videos on this website it’s still working flawless. It has been updated to protect you against the LTI Truspeed VPR and the Traffic Observer. The price (€149) includes worldwide shipping. Read More »

Actual list with all Dutch police radars and K/Ka band configuration for your detector

Police radars in use in The Netherlands (updated 15-11-2018): Multaradar CT, mobile (K band, FM modulated non continuous wave, low power; hard to detect but can be distinguished because of it’s “unique” signal). Since 2015 ALL radar traps are done with Multaradar CD’s, later on in 2016 ALL radar traps are exchanged for Multaradar CT’s. So both fixed and mobile speed traps ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes