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Actual list (2021) with all Dutch police radars and K/Ka band configuration for your detector

Police radars in use in The Netherlands (updated 02-01-2021):

  • Multaradar CT, mobile (K band, FM modulated non continuous wave, low power; hard to detect but can be distinguished because of it’s “unique” signal).
    Since 2015 ALL radar traps are done with Multaradar CD’s, later on in 2016 ALL radar traps are exchanged for Multaradar CT’s. So both fixed and mobile speed traps are done with 1 type of radar. Except for;
  • Gatso T series (only fixed locations at traffic lights). RT3 /RT4 radar K-band ISM planar patch-array.
  • Peek (works only with induction loops at traffic lights).
  • Traffipax (works only with induction loops at traffic lights).

The most speed traps measures the speed from behind (receding traffic) but front measurements are also permitted and possible.

Other speed traps in use in The Netherlands:

  • Section Controls, on the highway and some provincial ways since 2020.
  • LTI Ultralyte lidar gun.
  • LTI Truspeed (with VPR) lidar gun.
  • Kustom Prolaser 4 lidar gun.
  • Almost gone, but still in use somewhere: Prolaser 3, Jenoptik Laser Patrol, Robot Traffipatrol XR.
  • Mobile “smart” cameras to automatically take pictures if you hold your mobile phone in your hand while driving.
  • Not in use yet: Unmarked police cars who will measure your speed (radar) and take a photo (while they are driving too).

How to set up your Beltronics / Escort / other radar detector for speed traps in The Netherlands?

  • X OFF
  • KaSW OFF
  • LSR ON

Band segmentation:


Please note that possessing and/or using a radardetector is forbidden in Holland! (but Spectre RDD’s are not actively in use anymore).

We try to keep this list up to date but if you think this list is outdated, please leave a message below or send an e-mail.


  1. So the netherlands doesn’t have Ka and K Band’s?

    • Correct. No Ka band (anymore) and only (K band) Multaradar CT and non-mobile Gatso RT3/RT4 radars are in use. So it’s safe to disable the regular K band option on your radardetector and only use the seperate Multaradar detection function. All Gatso’s are added in GPS databases (stationary locations).

    • My STI-R M is an early model and only had the KMTR option, not gatso or CT. Is it just a software update to enable those options or hardware change in later models? Cheers!

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