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[2 VIDEOS] Blue Raider Radar Jammer test: 160km/h added to real speed

The radar used for this test is a Bushnell Speedster K band radar on a tripod (and linked with a SpeedScreen).

Allthough this test worked, the jammer doesn’t work in real life situations! Simple radars like this Bushnell K band radar an some K band Speed signs are jammable, but only if you are close enough to the (simple) radar. When driving by a Police radar there will be at least 1 real speed reading. Do not buy the Blue raider jammer, it’s a SCAM!


  1. SCAM that’s what you write about the jammer. Jammer Blue Raider perfectly disrupts all European speed cameras, Gatso, multaradar CD, Ramer, etc. Not only works on wide bandwidth Ka, works in the Ka-band 34.2 – 34.7GHz and the whole K 24,05-24.25GHz.

  2. You do not know the ignorant trade of radar detectors that jammers radar as every jammer works the better the farther from them. For jammers it is defined as the minimum distance from the radar as for laser jammers the minimum distance from the police laser. Do not get upset like that. In Europe radar detectors no longer buy, all sellers go bankrupt, or by JBR?

  3. Hello everybody ! I just bought this Blue Raider. I confirm : it’s a scam ! Not only it is unable to jamm a simple pedagocic radar (K Band 124.125 Ghz), but in addition, mine has got a false contact and when you moove or your tape lightly on it, it’s power off !!! And of course weither the seller, nor the manufacturer answer me… I just can put it where I thing… and the 450€ price with !!! Shamefull !

  4. I have such a JBR jammer, it works on all speed cameras in Europe. He does not disturb but only produces false speed. Works for all new DSP radars.

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